6 game designing tips to follow in 2022

  • Mordor Intelligence says that in 2021, the gaming industry was USD 198.40 billion.
  • It is said to reach USD 339.95 billion by 2027.

Game designing or Game development has been witnessing massive growth over the years. In addition, various platforms like Unity 3D game development boost the developing power.

There are many aspects to building a successful game. Professionals like game designers give birth to such games. This blog is a guide for novice game designers to create compelling games.

Game designing

Gaming has evolved over the years. From simple 2D games to advanced 3D games, it has grown up remarkably. Game designing is an essential aspect of game development. It deals with adding creative elements to the game and improves games aesthetically.

In addition, it also involves the curation of the characters, objectives, rules, etc. Further, it decides on interaction methods. One of the vital parameters of game designing is developing exciting stories. Therefore, it is crucial as it determines the engagement level and hence the reaches of the game.

The advanced game designing techniques

Many technologies are dominating game development. Additionally, there are many other trends to look forward to.

  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Blockchain gaming
  • Multiplayer games
  • Cross-platform gaming
  • Puzzle games

Along with these, Unity 3D game development continues to be among the tending tools. CEO of Unity says that almost 50%of the games present are powered by the Unity game engine.

Here are some tips for a newbie game designer.

6 game designing tips to follow in 2022


  1. Have a user-centric approach.

To bring the best out of a game designer in you, think about a game from the user’s perspective. Consider what they would like to have in a game. Moreover, keep the user interface interactive.

In any art form, it is challenging to be the best yet simple. Maintaining simplicity while creating utmost engagement is a challenge for every newbie game designer. However, it is vital to keep things simple, engaging, attractive, and realistic.

  1. Find the hook!

Every game has one or more elements that drive users to play the game. That can be any story, theme, personality, or design. First, try to make it as exciting as possible. Then, let users catch up on that hook and play the game again and again.

  1. Let it sound perfect!

Sound is a crucial design element. If the game has an entertaining sound, it is more likely to get viral. In addition, the correct sound can guide players well. Moreover, designing a great sound will enhance the game environment.

  1. Fun; an ultimate aim

Today, there are no boundaries while setting up themes of the game. Also, the purpose of game development can be education, healthcare awareness, etc. But, what is at the core of the games is fun. Users play to have fun, relax and reenergize.

While working on any aspect of the game, make sure to add fun elements. Further, it majorly relates to interaction ways. Moreover, use a designed manner that players will love.

  1. Find the unique element.

  • According to Newzoo’s forecast, by 2023, there are supposed to be 3.07 billion mobile gamers globally.

You can analyze the number of games generated with such an extensive player base. When you want your game to be loved worldwide, understand and work on every tiny part.

But is it enough?

Well, for successful game development, what else you need is an essence. Also, it has the basis of a solid technical foundation and mind-blowing aesthetics. For example, Elden Ring, one of the popular games, combines a compelling story, fantasy, and RPG together.

  1. Market properly.

The success of any game is directly proportional to the audience it gets! So when you have an outstanding game ready, the world needs to know about it. Launching it on a notable platform is one way to get a readily available market. Additionally, don’t forget to make use of social media to promote it.

Lastly, if you need some experts in marketing your game, handle it to a team, an individual, or a mobile game development company to elevate its promotion.


Game development is a captivating thing. You need to gather all senses together to make it technically sound, aesthetically appealing, and realistically engaging.

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