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Crying Effects on Human Emotions and Mental Health

Crying is one of the natural responses when someone is emotionally disturbed or suffering from intense physical pain. It is thought to be a mental health issue when someone is trying to cry but unable to do it. While no one can deny that crying can help an individual to better control their emotions. And it is one of the effective responses to overcome the negative feelings in our minds.

Many of us feel good after crying just because many health experts suggest that crying can induce the release of hormones like oxytocin and endorphins which are responsible to relieve any psychological and physical pain. While if a person is not crying then it can seriously damage his mental health. In this article, we will describe the reasons why people don’t cry and how you can overcome that suppression of feeling. Best psychiatrist in my area suggest not to cry more.

Reasons why cant I cry 

There are  medical, emotional and mental reasons behind someone’s struggle to cry. These reasons include:


Anhedonia is a medical condition in which people lose interest in doing social interaction and physical sensation. In this condition, the individual feels difficulty in expressing their emotions.

It is also considered one of the symptoms of many mental disorders like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and depression. Many people observe that due to Anhedonia they are not able to cry.

Repressed Emotions 

Some people feel difficulty in expressing their emotions. When they came with any traumatic event. Even if any conflict occurs rather than showing emotion they may suppress it in order to cope with the situation. 

While this expression of emotions was intentional at first instance it may become automatic after every stressful event. It came to that extent in which the person failed to express his emotions which was another reason he can’t cry.

Social Pressure 

Social pressure holds significant importance in this scenario. Some people failed to express their emotions just because of some social stigma or some social pressure. The social pressure forces the individual to think that crying is embarrassing and it is a sign of weakness.

Many individuals have subconsciously adopted these habits. It has been seen that children adopted these traits from their parents. In childhood, they observed that their parents never expressed their emotions and they rarely cried in any bad events. So they adopted this habit from their parents. In many cases, parents are involved in suppressing the children’s tears which makes them believe that it is a kind of misbehavior.

Gender Stereotypes

We have seen that in many cultures crying is associated with women and the use of a phrase like”men don’t cry” gives an indication that crying is a woman thing and men are not supposed to cry in expressing their emotions as it is a sign of weakness.


There are certain medications that are supposed to suppress emotional expression in an individual. There is multiple research that shows that a patient who is actively taking an antidepressant is more reluctant to express their emotions. Cleveland clinic anxiety is the best treatment center.

Past Life Trauma 

It has been seen that many individuals who are suffering from any traumatic event in their past life are more vulnerable to not crying. The impact of these traumatic events is so strong which puts the body in extreme shock. So they may suppress the emotions of crying and this feeling may continue to be stronger in the long term.

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