How To Get and Install Mods in GTA 5

Since GTA V’s first release in 2013 a plethora of many thousands of custom mods have been made to support the game. The mod community is among the most enthusiastic gamers and that’s the case to the latest Rockstar Games creation. However, considering GTA V is the studio’s most popular release to date, it’s easy to understand that GTA V would have the greatest mod support. One issue that many gamers face with mods is understanding how to download and install them in order that they function in game. It can be a bit confusing for those who might not be the best at technology. Additionally, there’s the problem of figuring out what changes to put in place in 2022 almost 9 years since the game first launched. Below, players will find exactly how to download the mods within GTA V and which ones they should first consider installing.

Downloading Mods in GTA V

Before players know the mods to install, they must be aware of how to download the mods. It’s important to know that players can only install mods when playing in single-player mode, since Rockstar Games had forbidden the use of mods in GTA Online. If players attempt to join GTA Online with mods enabled the game will subject them to an exclusion. There are a variety of steps involved in downloading mods within GTA V. The first step is described below.

  1. Go to OpenIV.com and press the Download Now green button on the homepage.
  2. Download the application from your browser, and then follow the steps to install the application provides.
  3. Once the installation process is completed, open OpenIV and choose Windows on the Grand Theft Auto V box
  4. Enter the file path for the game directory of GTA V (should look like C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\)
  5. Continue pressing and then the Tools box that is located on in the upper taskbar on OpenIV
  6. Choose ASI Manager, and then install ASI Loader as well as OpenIV.ASI. Choose Yes when asked.

What this procedure provides is an opportunity where they can download, and then manage GTA V mods. Users can access the OpenIV application anytime to monitor whether their modifications are in good condition, deinstall the mods, or change their settings. The next step of the process is to locate physical mods that can be downloaded.

  1. Go to: GTA 5 mods – Best Modding
  2. Select a mod you want to download. You can pick a particular class of mods on the site
  3. Once a mode is selected Click on the box, and then click the green button to download it.
  4. Certain mods will download a .rar download file for your web browser, while other will direct you to the Github page that will show the most recent version of the mod available to download the file.
  5. If the mod downloaded is a .rar file, you’ll require a different program in order to view it for instance, 7-Zip File Management, which can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store
  6. After you have opened the .rar open file has been opened you’ll likely find a ReadMe file that you can open in Notepad. It will provide you with instructions for downloading the mod fully. the mod
  7. If the mod is listed located on the Github page and you want to download the latest version, then download it. The mod will be downloaded in a zip file that you have to extract to a different location on your PC.
  8. After you have extracted the files After the files have been extracted, copy or paste it in the Mods folder in the computer’s GTA V game directory. This is the exact directory you specified in the path to the files for the OpenIV application.
  9. Start GTA V once you’ve copied and pasted the contents of your file to your GTA V directory or followed the directions for the .rar file

This process is not limited to the general mods accessible for download, there’s also mods that make use of scripts. This requires a second mod, called Script Hook for it to function.

  1. Download Community Script Hook V .NET, by Alexander Blade
  2. Download the zip file and then extract the contents to another folder on your computer.
  3. Cut and copy the contents of the file into the directory for games within GTA V, but don’t put them in a particular folder.
  4. Create a new folder within the game directory
  5. Visit best-modding.com and choose the script mod you want to download (these typically are tagged with .net)
  6. Start the zipped Mod file then extract it again.
  7. The contents should be copied and pasted into the newly created folder in your GTA V directory.
  8. Start GTA V and make sure to follow the guidelines to use the mod provided by the mod’s creator. The instructions is available at the best-modding.com page about the mod

When all the actions are done After that, players are able to use mods at their own discretion after which they can begin to use mods GTA V.

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