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How to Use a Pumice Stone

How to Use a Pumice Stone

Before using a pumice stone, you should first know about its safety precautions. As the stone can cut your skin, it is not recommended for people with diabetes, thin skin, or poor circulation. You should also wash your stone with soap after using it, as bacteria can remain on it. Make sure you keep it clean and disinfected for the next time you use it. Also, avoid using it on your eyes. Aside from the safety precautions, it is also important to know that you must never share the stone with someone with thin skin, as this can lead to open micro-abrasions.

A pumice stone comes in different sizes, which makes it convenient for you to choose the one that best fits your hands. Some of these stones come with handles, making them easy to hold and maneuver. You should avoid using it on your feet if you are diabetic or have poor circulation, as it can cause an infection. If you want to avoid the risk of developing open sores, you should consult with a dermatologist before using a pumice stone. Alternatively, you can purchase a mini pumice stone, which costs about $5 for two.

To use a pumice stone, make sure to wash your skin first. If you’ve dried your skin, soak it in warm water for five to 10 minutes to soften it. You can also add a little oil or soap to the water to make it more moisturizing. This way, the stone will glide over your skin without causing any damage. You can also use moisturizing socks after using a pumice stone.

A pumice stone is a lightweight piece of lava with two sides that help remove dead skin and hard, dry skin. The pumice stone is gentle, but it is not a good idea for sensitive areas of the body. However, it is a great treatment for dry, cracked skin and acne-prone skin. If used regularly, pumice stones can help with a wide range of skin problems. It can also reduce friction and pressure from calluses and corns.

Although pumice stones can be used daily, you should be sure to follow the precautions that accompany them. Too much removal of skin can cause infection and bleeding. Also, you should never share your pumice stone with other people. Bacteria can be easily transferred from one person to another. So, make sure you don’t share it with people who are sensitive to the treatment. So, before you start exfoliating, always consult a doctor first!

If you have dry skin, a pumice stone can help you remove the dead skin from your skin. It is best to use it after you have washed your feet thoroughly with soap and water. Apply a moisturizer to your feet after using the stone. If you experience skin irritation, discontinue the treatment and consult a dermatologist. You can also use a pumice stone to treat cracked skin. If you notice any irritation, you should stop using the pumice stone.

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