The Most Beautiful Birds in Guatemala

The Most Beautiful Birds in Guatemala


This Guatemalan nation’s bird is renowned for its striking blue-green hue and its long tail feathers. It’s becoming more difficult to spot in the wild as the numbers are decreasing due to the loss of forests, but you could be fortunate.

Guatemalan Pygmy Owl

Certain experts believe that this tiny Owl to be a distinct species, while other experts say they believe it’s part of a subspecies belonging to the northern Pygmy Owl. Although it’s not named it is found in the mountainous regions in southern Mexico and Honduras and Guatemala.

Pink-headed warbler

Another species is threatened by the destruction of forests and deforestation, the estimate is that there are just 50 000 pink-headed warblers remaining within Guatemala along with southern Mexico. Males and females tend to be red and live in high-altitude areas, about 2,000m (6,562 meters) above sea levels.

Toucans with a bill that is keel

This stunning bird comes with an enormous bill and stunning coloration. It has a predominantly black plumage that contrasts the yellow breast feathers and colorful bill The National bird of Belize is an amazing sight. The birds typically measure 42-55 centimetres (17-22 inches) in length, and have the bill measuring between 12 and 15 centimetres (5-6 inches) in length.

Ocellated turkey

Turkeys aren’t often thought to be the most beautiful of birds, and a lot of them appearing on the table during Christmas. But, the sight of an ocellated turkey may inspire you to change your mind. With its iridescent feathers and the large areas on the back, it’s a gorgeous bird. Be sure to look for the bright blue head and the red circles around eyes. They’re easily spotted at Tikal. Falcon with orange-breasted wings

The birds of prey in this category are breathtaking when flying

, and sport the distinctive orange chest plumage which makes them quite easily identifiable. With wingspans of about 85 centimeters (33 inches) these birds are large, and have beaks that are unusually large for falcons. The numbers are decreasing and the birds are becoming scarce but sightings of these were also reported from Tikal.

Wine-throated Hummingbird

These tiny hummingbirds measure seven centimetres (three inches) in length, however its distinctive head plumage is very impressive to look at. The feathers of a variety of red-pink hues are splayed across the breast and give the bird a majestic air.

Links to Mayan mythology

The quetzal was extremely important in the culture of the local Maya of the nation. It symbolizes liberty and freedom, and is believed to suffer from sadness when it is kept in a cage. This is why the Mayans were known to pick some of its sought-after feathers before setting it free.

This love of liberty is also highlighted by the Guatemalan national song, which has songs such as “rather more death, than slaves (antes muerto que estclavo sera)” as a references towards that bird. The Quetzal also is considered to be one of the spirit guides which is also called nahual that are part of the Maya.

The legend says that the warrior prince Tecun Uman, the last ruler of the Quiche Maya during the Spanish conquest and the Spanish conquest, had an animal as his spiritual guide. Legend has it that after he passed away the bird flew down.

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