What Dental Services Are Covered By Medicare Berwick

About Medicare Berwick

Medicare is the universal health insurance scheme in berwick which is publicly funded and operated with the help of the Social Security Department formed on 1st February 1984. It was started for providing health insurance to berwick people above the age of 65 years and who are having highly serious diseases. It provides health insurance to people all over berwick who are needy and require financial help in the situation of emergency. All the berwick people can benefit from fully covered health care in public hospitals.

It covers many specialities including Ophthalmology, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Psychiatry, Audiology and many others except dental services. Medicare provides numbers who participate in the Medicare scheme and also a Medicare Card which consists of a number required at the time of claiming the insurance.

Does Medicare Cover Dental Services In Berwick?

Medicare has been providing its beneficial services to the millions of people in berwick for many years but it is heard that Medicare does not cover dental services in berwick because it does not include the following:

  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Dentures
  • Routine checkups
  • Filling of teeth
  • Extraction of teeth

So, it is confirmed that Medicare does not cover dental treatment but it offers coverage for dental care which is needed for other Medicare-covered health services like:

  • Medicare includes the oral examination covered before heart valve treatment in a rural clinic or in Federally Qualified Health Centre (FQHC).
  • While removal of the facial tumour when a ridge reconstruction is performed.
  • When after jaw surgery, dental splints and wirings are required then Medicare gives coverage.
  • Before a kidney transplant, when oral examination occurs then it is under Medicare.
  • Diseases like oral cancer when dental services are required for radiation treatment are insured by Medicare.
  • Medicare covers the face or jaw fractures in which surgery is required.

Hence, Medicare does not cover dental services but exceptions are always there.

Who Can Get The Dental Advantage Of Medicare?

The advantage of Medicare is available to the following:

  • Children under Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

It is for children between the age of 2 – 17 whose parents have the Family Tax Benefit. In this, they get the cover for Fissure sealing, Extraction, X rays, Root Canal, and Cleaning.

  • Concession Card Holders for Public Dental services

Those who have Centre link Pensioner Concession Card, Health care card, and Department of Human Services (DHS) card are eligible for emergency dental services or general insurance.

Dental Services Covered Under Medicare Berwick

Those Australians who apply for dental coverage and obtained Medicare facilities can enjoy the benefit of the following services:

  • Preventive Services

There are some preventive features like scaling and cleaning which when diagnosed soon prevent more serious dental problems in the future and those who have Medicare facilities can take the advantage of these services.

  • Removal of wisdom teeth

For wisdom teeth removal you should have a valid reason and it depends on your coverage facilities otherwise the cost of its extraction is very high.

  • Diagnostic Services

When a dentist performs some tests or examination procedures for diagnosing a particular disease then these procedures are covered under Medicare.

  • Oral surgery

When you have Medicare coverage and some oral surgery has to be going on in your mouth or teeth then the expenses of this surgery are paid to you by Medicare.

Some of the emergency procedures that come under Medicare for which strict actions are required are:

  • Swelling of face and neck.
  • Continuous bleeding from the mouth
  • Dental injury or trauma
  • Swelling inside mouth
  • Feel difficulty in swelling and opening of jaws.

Some services that require only a dental checkup under the health coverage plan of Medicare Berwick are as follows:

  • Fillings
  • Scale and clean
  • Ulcers in the oral cavity
  • Tooth extraction
  • Crown and bridge
  • Chipped or broken tooth

What Procedures Are Not Covered Under Medicare?

Medicare provides dental coverage only in some cases but they surely do not provide this coverage in the following cases:

  • Out of hospital service

When some of the procedures are performed out of the hospital like podiatry, physiotherapy, etc. which includes dental treatment and examinations and for these services, Medicare is not responsible.

  • When you can bear the expenses

Medicare does give coverage to people when they are in the position to bear all the expenses and also capable to pay for extra cover.

Tips For Dental Care For Adults

You can only get a fearless and good smile if you do not have any dental problems like cavities, gum diseases, tooth decay, etc. and for this routine checkups are important. Here, some of the important tips are provided which help you to keep your teeth healthy and in good position are:

  • Brushing properly twice a day makes your teeth healthy and clean.
  • Add proper amounts of calcium and vitamins to your daily diet for making your teeth strong.
  • Dental problems can cause diabetes, inability to chew and speak, systemic infections and other life-threatening diseases. Hence, it should be very important to maintain your teeth with proper care.
  • It is advisable to replace your toothbrush every 3 months.
  • If you are addicted to alcohol or tobacco or other sodas then put a limit on their intake as they are very dangerous for your teeth and may even cause dental care.
  • Always add teeth-friendly foods like fruits and vegetables to your daily diet and avoid junk foods.
  • Flossing is a procedure other than brushing your teeth in which deep cleaning of teeth occurs and it should occur at least once a week.

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