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Medieval ballads refer to poems narrated musically with a background instrumental sound while the poem gets narrated. The medieval ballads, recited like music in a poetic form, are very soothing to hear. A celebrity received his stage name because of the medieval poems and music combination. Chevy Chase is a celebrity who received his stage name from the medieval English ballad. Chevy Chase is an author, film and TV entertainer and also a popular American Jokester.

After his TV debut ‘Saturday Night Live ‘ he came into recognition but this was not enough for him to make him extremely popular. He came into the spotlight when he woke up on SNL. His popular shows are ‘Irwin M. Fletcher’ and ‘Public Lampoon’. This is also known as his best work but above all disappointing is that he was uncaring about choosing his job which has also reflected upon his comic career. He was also tremendously good in music as he had played the drum for many years with various schools and Church groups.

Like other struggling entertainers here he also attempted many jobs to see which part he is more enthusiastic and best in and what he got in. He kept on working energetically and did TV series and movies even after several failures he came back being more powerful. He has also got three ‘ Early evening Emmy Awards’. He is also known as the best comic for his faultless comedy.

Which Celebrity Received Their Stage Name from a Medieval English Ballad?


a. Alan Alda

b. Chevy Chase

c. Freddie Mercury

d. Bruno Mars

Correct Answer: Option B, Chevy Chase.

Child Ballad 162, an English Ballad titled “The Ballad of Chevy Chase,” are two ballads with the name telling the same story. Other versions may have existed for the reason that the ballads existed in oral tradition before they got written.

The tune that finds use in the other ballads has no link with ‘The Ballad of Chevy Chase”. The Ballad of Chevy Chase describes the narrative of a huge hunting party in the Cheviot Hills. The inspiration behind the same is the name “Chevy Chase.” Percy, the English Earl of Northumberland, leads the hunt outlawed by the Scottish Earl Douglas, who saw it as an invasion of Scotland. He attacked, and this event resulted in a bloodbath in which only 110 people survived. There is a gathered version of the first of the ballads in Thomas Percy’s Reliques as well as the second in Francis James Child’s Child Ballads. There are several versions collected in England, Scotland, and the United States.

The first of the two Chevy Chase ballads were written in the 1430s, and there is evidence of the earliest record, The Complaynt of Scotland. The Complaynt of Scotland highlights the ballad as the Hunting of Cheviot.

The Second Ballad refers to the old ballad “Chevy-Chase” as the most popular ballad among the common people of England as well as Ben Jonson for declaring that he would rather have written it. The second appeared to have been written in modernized English around 1620.

All about Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase’s actual name is Cornelius Crane Chase who had afterward changed his name. He was named after his adoptive grandfather Cornelius whose nickname was ‘Chevy’. In 1967 Chevy Chase had graduated from Bard. He initially began his career as an author. First, he started writing a humor magazine for Smother Brother which became quite popular at that time. His interest in acting he was hired at Saturday night time to live as a creator in 1975.

About Chevy’s personal and professional life

Source: Chevy Chase

He was born in October 1943. Cathalene Parker, his mother, was a pianist and Edward Tinsley Chase was his father. His father was also a creator like him. Chase had followed in his father’s footsteps. After qualifying for Bard he pursued his dream job as an author

He was married 3 times. First, in 1973 with Susan Hewitt, they got separated in 1976. For the second time he got married in 1976 with Jacqueline Carlin, they parted their path in 1980. At present, he is happily married to Jayni Luke. Settled in New York with 4 kids.

Chevy Chase has also performed well in his professional life. He has performed many unforgettable characters. In Caddy shack, he had performed as an expert golfer and became keen to share his clever and humorous advice. He had also played the role of Clark Griswold in country-wide Lampoon’s excursion. Nobody will ever forget his performance in 3 Amigos as Dusty Bottoms it’s one of his best performances.

Chas has also hosted Academy Awards many times. He had portrayed Pierce Hawthorne from 2009 to 2014 in the NCB comedy television series network. Chase even though he had started his career as an author did not stop over there he showed his talent in various aspects, like acting, music, comedy.

What happened with Chevy Chase?

Chevy Chase md turned out to be an alcohol addict; got diagnosed with alcohol cardiomyopathy. That being said- his heart changed shape due to long-term heavy alcohol usage. Chevy Chase Maryland got admitted to the Betty Ford Center to treat his addiction to a painkiller prescribed. Also, he had suffered due to continuous back pain because of his fall during his Saturday Night Live appearances. Chevy Chase stated that the drug abuse had gone down in 2010, and he went to Hazelden Clinic to receive treatment for alcoholism in September 2016.

After being hospitalized for 5 weeks, Chevy Chase started recovering at his home in Westchester. An interview in 2021 with Page Six revealed Chevy Chase mentioned how he is happy being back with his family after being in the hospital for five weeks.

Chevy Chase movies

Chevy Chase movies include Under The Rainbow (1981), Under The Rainbow (1981), Hero (1992), Funny Farm (1988), Memoirs Of An Invisible Man (1992), Seems Like Old Times (1980), Foul Play (1978), National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989).

The original Chevy Chase

The name Chevy Chase is evident from hunting grounds in the Cheviot Hills along the Scottish-English border. It’s worth noting that Colonel Joseph Belt received a patent for 560 acres in Maryland, calling it the Chevy Chace. The farmland became the center of the streetcar suburb referred to as Chevy Chase.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Chevy Chase Country Club? 

Chevy Chase Country Club refers to a club nestled in the canyons of Glendale, CA to enjoy dining, golfing, swimming and other social events along Chevy Chase Drive.

  • What is Chevy Chase Net Worth?

Chevy Chase net worth is $50 million.

  • How Old Is Chevy Chase?

Chevy Chase’s age is 76.


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