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Here Are Some Amazing Ideas To Include Human-Centric Lighting In Your Space

Human Centric Lighting - Consideration, And Benefits

We are all aware of the benefits natural light offers us. It makes us feel energetic and refreshed for both scientific and psychological reasons. What if I tell you that you can enjoy similar benefits as natural light at the ease of your home? This is not a distant dream anymore. With Human Centric Lighting available in the market, you can now receive the benefits of natural light while relaxing at home.

We’ll share some great ideas to include such type of lighting in your space so that you can feel energised and healthy at all times. But, first, we need to understand what is the purpose of this type of lighting.

What Is Human Centric Lighting?

It is a type of lighting that resembles natural light and provides similar benefits. Such type of light helps in improving human performance, well being, and comfort just like natural light does. These lights are increasingly being installed in homes to improve the productivity and mood of the people that reside there.

Now, the question is, how can you include human-centric lighting in your space? We are here to assist you with that. We will share how you can include such lights in every room in your home.

Living Room

The living room is a space where you can play around with different types of lights. You can mix and match different varieties of lights in this space. For adding a human-centric light to this area of your home, you can choose to add lamps made of natural material so that they add a soothing natural touch to your space.

The Woodshells collection offers a great range of handcrafted lamps, adding which could be a great sustainable lighting idea as well. You can go for the Radiance pendant lamp by Woodshells to brighten up your space and make it vibrant. This beautiful handmade lamp is made using cane and handmade paper. Another great wooden lamp by Woodshells is the Raemi table lamp. It emits a warm light which relaxes your mind and can make the ambience soothing.


Being a space for rest and relaxation, the bedroom would be a great place to add some human-centric lighting. To keep the ambience warm and soothing, you can add a Raemi table lamp from the Woodshells collection to your space. Raemi is a great reading lamp as well and can help you dose off as you read your favourite novel.

Apart from this, the Vial wall lamp by Woodshells would be another great source of soothing illumination in your space. Wall lamps have anyway made it to the list of lighting trends 2022. If you are fond of pendant lamps, then a cluster of two Gaya pendant lamps by Woodshells would add a nice natural touch to your bedroom. It would serve as a great ceiling light for the bedroom.


The kitchen is a space where you need to concentrate on preparing the perfect meal for yourself or your loved ones. For that, you need to have lights that make you feel more productive. Human Centric Lighting would be of great use in this space. You can opt for the Gaya pendant lamp by Woodshells for giving your space a natural touch and also providing you with the much-needed motivation to work. The Canopy pendant lamp from the Woodshells collection is another piece made of natural materials and a minimalist design which will emit goodness in your space.

A great idea to enjoy the benefits of light is to make sure that enough natural light enters your space from windows and glass walls. By having a perfect mix of natural light and human-centric lighting in your space, you can make sure that you feel energised, healthy, and productive most of the time.

I hope the ideas shared in this article would help you introduce the right type of lights in your space. These lights will ensure your health and well being is taken care of. So, go ahead and add some great human-centric lights to your home.

Woodshells is a modern and meaningful interior decor brand that provides sustainable lighting ideas. Our collection of Human Centric Lighting, elegant Pendant, Wall, Table, and Floor lamps has the power to transform any space. Watch this space for the latest styling ideas.

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