The Metaverse Hype – Explained

If you are someone living under the rock, then let me tell you what a metaverse is. It is an immersive virtual world built with aspects like Augmented and Virtual Reality. It is a technology that is set to revolutionize the way you consume content. There are various types of Metaverses, like for Gaming, Online Events, Virtual workspaces, and even education metaverse.

Metaverse spaces allow you to come, collaborate, interact and engage with people around the globe. Actually not people, but their digital avatars. Doesn’t this sound cool?

Having a digital replica of your own, styling it as per the metaverse fashion trends, interacting with other avatars, moving and engaging across a virtual world with infinite possibilities, all while you don’t even have to move from your bed. Just wear on your VR glasses and grab onto your oculus, and you are off on an adventure.

Possibilities of a metaverse

Wondering what all you can do in a metaverse? 

Literally Anything!

People even got married in the metaverse, so there are no limits to its use cases.

But most popularly, what it is being used for is Gaming, Social engagement – Like virtual concerts, Virtual Offices, and so much more

One of the best possibilities and not a much-tapped application of Metaverse can be an education metaverse. With virtual education, demand being more than ever, Metaverses can be a great way to address the lack of engagement and practicality issues currently associated with the current means of virtual education.

Edverse is one such metaverse school. It aims to bring both the worlds together and empower learners with an education metaverse that makes education decentralized and democratized for all.

Gamification In Education

Education in Metaverse will definitely bring the world closer, in terms of bridging the gap between the various stakeholders involved in education. It bypasses barriers like infrastructural constraints and geographical constraints. Apart from this, the biggest concern it addresses is bringing fun into education. Nowadays, students have a minimal attention span due to the various distractions available.

With metaverse school, your learning journey becomes gamified. Students tend to grasp concepts faster due to real-time feedback and immersive and interactive visuals in a gaming environment. With gamified learning comes rewards opportunities, which boost the morale of the learner. Gamification in learning is a key area Edverse focuses on; also it provides opportunities like #learn2earn and #wear2earn that bring in incentivizing possibilities that make a learner’s journey more exciting.

Medical Study in Metaverse-

Infrastructural limitations while studying or pursuing medical sciences can be a huge misfortune. This can be dealt in an education metaverse. With immersive and interactive 3-D real scale replicas, You can actually experience the dissection of a frog. All you need is to wear a VR headset, grab onto your oculus like your dissecting forceps, and observe the anatomy and various sections of a frog. Sounds fun and convenient, right?

And it’s not just limited here; the possibilities are endless. You can study human Anatomy as well in the same way described. You can even Virtually sit inside a heart while you learn about it. The Metaverse in Medicine, which is defined as the medical Internet of Things, will make learning and teaching complex and critical topics much easier with detailed 3-D virtual real scale models and holographic constructions. 

Edverse wants to facilitate students an immersive, interactive, and insightful virtual environment where you can engage in stepwise procedural learning from the start, conduct experiments virtually, and so much more this will ensure familiarity with the real work environment and also help master-concept clarity.

Engineering concept in Metaverse

Every Sci-fi enthusiast’s dream is Virtual Reality. Isn’t that true? Edverse brings you that with your science & engineering concept being explained in an immersive simulated virtual environment that helps you acclimatize with the industrial processes. An education metaverse is so purposeful that it can help you understand concepts like learning the internal workings of machines like Jet Engine and transformers. It also allows performing simulative experiments like conducting a tensile strength experiment and undertaking immersive industrial tours of setups like oil refineries and thermal powerplant.

Vocational learning in Metaverse

The scope of learning in an education metaverse is endless, you can learn anything you want from anyone you aspire, be it learning how to sing or dance or maybe picking up a new language. Edverse aspires to create an education metaverse that is diverse in terms of its offering and stakeholders, where learning has no boundaries, You get to learn from prestigious institutes around the globe, engage with peers from different parts of the world, and enroll in any courses even like a dance workshop. Wouldn’t it be fun to learn how to dance in a metaverse environment? Render it a possibility with Edverse.

What all to expect from a metaverse school?

With Edverse, expect an era of empowered learners, educators, promoters, and creators. We are creating an Edscape that will defy the limitations and barriers associated with traditional methods of education. With an Immersive, Interactive, and Insightful virtual simulated study environment, welcome concept mastery and acclimatize to industry processes and machinery. Overcome infrastructural and accessibility constraints and leverage the power of a democratized and decentralized way of education.

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