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Unique wall shelf designs to make your storage appear beautiful

It is fun to keep your things in an organized manner. Be it your living room, kitchen, or say bathroom, you cannot imagine your house without proper shelves. It is essential to get proper shelves for your walls because they give you ample space to store your goods. They allow you to keep your space clutter-free. Here are some of the best wall shelf designs that might interest you.

  1. Simple wall shelf design- This is an ideal pick if you wish to keep your stuff organized. It makes your room tidy because of its white color. Its neat compartments can be used to display stationery, books, and even a collection of plants. According to your need, you can go for more wooden planks and fasten them to the walls to form a bigger shelf. 
  2. Honeycomb wooden shelves- If you have a tiny bedroom but you need extra storage in your bedrooms, you can go for this simple wall shelf. It is not a bulky showcase and is easy to fix on the walls. You can even use these wall shelves to decorate plain walls and create an interesting quarter. 
  3. Modern wall shelf design- You can experience your living room come alive if you go for this modern showcase. Here, you can opt black and brown theme that serves as a perfect contrast in the otherwise light-colored room. The shelves are a mix of open and concealed styles which create an interesting pattern in the room. You can even add LED lights to brighten up the space and give it a warm feel. You can even get the sizes of the boxes custom-made according to the construction of the room. 
  4. Glass wall shelf- You can go for a glass wall shelf in your bathroom to add a modern touch to it. Open shelves also allow you to search for your products easily while you are bathing. These shelves are easy to clean and create a spa-like space in your house. Go for small floating shelves instead of large shelves because they save a lot of your space and can easily hold all your personal care items in one location. Adding decorative tiles on the walls of the bathroom adds much needed charm.
  5. Corner wall shelves- The corner shelves are gaining popularity because the size of the houses is becoming smaller. These shelves are known for their functionality and have an aesthetic appeal. The wooden wall decoration with functional wooden floating shelves looks just amazing. These compact shelves are perfect for displaying tiny succulents, candles, etc. 
  6. Brick wall shelf designs- Brick walls give your room a cozy and warm look. These walls are trending these days but sometimes it might get tricky to decorate them. You can go for a recessed wooden shelf and a concealed cabinet within this wall which blends perfectly with the construction. This style not only gives you a lot of space but also adds a neat and decluttered look to your house. In case you have a creative office, you can even choose this idea to store things in your office.
  7. Wall shelves for the living room- The round wooden shelf is one of a kind shelf that adds a trendy look to your room. This is designed in a creative wave pattern that offers enough space. The design also contributes to the high-end look of your room. You can even go for this shelf in your bedroom where there is a separate decorative corner. The shelf can add value to all kinds of decorative items from plants to books, mugs, family photo frames, etc. You can even display your favorite art piece here.
  8. Floating shelves- Floating shelves are an innovative addition to your house and are a great pick for those who don’t like the idea of going for permanent fixtures on their walls. These shelves are removable and come as ready-to-fix kits in various shapes and sizes. You can even hang these shelves on the walls which will allow you to transform a cluttering space into a neat and clean one. Along with being lightweight, the floating shelves can be arranged in any order you want. They lend a unique look to your house. 


Wall shelves are the best way to add storage space to your house without compromising on its aesthetics. These shelves add decorative value to your room along with offering vertical length to the room. Modern homes are indispensable without these shelves. They are a good option for small houses where space is always a concern. In case you are looking for a perfect space to store and display your stuff, you can look at the best wall shelf designs and go for the one that matches your requirement. 


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