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How to resolve depression?

How to resolve depression:

The ultimate resolution for depression lies not in resolving depression and resolving to be “better,” but in resolving depression and “being better.” The first step in depression resolution is to resolve to resolve depression, rather than merely resolving to be better. There is hope to resolve depression for some of us who are not hopeless or untreatable by any means, but we must begin by resolving depression, resolving to resolve depression, and then resolving to resolve depression.

Psychological Resilience:

A resilient person has a higher resistance to depression due to underlying psychological resilience, which is described as being able to adapt to adversity, maintain a positive attitude, and be able to overcome difficult events in life without developing psychological problems. More resilient individuals have a lower tendency to have depression in early adulthood, and are able to resolve depression in early adulthood more easily than less resilient people, according to research from the University of Pittsburgh.


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People tend to have a higher resolution to resolve depression if they are familiar with and engage in mindfulness training. Mindfulness training involves the conscious attention of individuals to their thoughts and feelings in order to alleviate depression. Mindfulness training can be helpful for resolving depression.

Research conducted by Duke University psychologist Daniel Siegel indicates that mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) is a good option for individuals who are diagnosed with depression due to stress or a traumatic life event. MBSR is a promising therapeutic tool for resolving depression.

Positive Psychology:

People who have a history of depression are more likely to have more prolonged depression in later life. However, in recent years, researchers have started researching ways to keep depression from occurring in the first place. Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh found that being optimistic, while also having psychological resilience, can help protect against depression. These findings suggest that both psychological resilience and optimism may provide a protective mechanism that allows for long-term mental health.

People with psychological resilience are able to resolve depression more quickly and reduce depression duration more than people without psychological resilience, according to research conducted by the University of Pittsburgh.

Taking Positive Action:

People with psychological resilience take positive action to resolve depression, rather than resolve depression in isolation, according to research conducted by Duke University psychologist Bruce Fenton. His research reveals that people who resolve depression and have psychological resilience tend to act in ways to resolve depression, while people with psychological resilience but no psychological resilience are less likely to do this.

The recommendations from these studies are for people who are depressed in order to overcome depression more quickly and for people who are not depressed, to act in ways to take advantage of the psychological resilience people have to overcome depression.

The temptation is to fix depression by resolving depression alone and to resolve depression and then get back to being depressed. Resolving depression alone can decrease depression resolution, which can cause depression to resolve for some of us, but resolve for others. Resolving depression for some of us who are not hopeless or untreatable by any means, but resolve depression, is often more difficult, and often more harmful.

The benefit of solving depression first and getting the opportunity to resolve for ourselves is that we are able to overcome depression more quickly, and in this process we resolve it as well for ourselves. In this way, we can resolve and resolve well, without needing to resolve and resolve well for others.


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