Top 10 Most Famous Poets of the 20th Century

Top 10 Most Famous Poets of the 20th Century

There are many different types of poets who are famous. These poets may come from many different languages, but they gained worldwide fame through their poetry. This list of poets includes some of the most influential figures in the history of poetry. There are some poets from all different languages who deserve some of the recognition they have received. This list includes William Shakespeare, Thomas Stearns Eliot, and Edgar Allan Poe.

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William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was an English Renaissance playwright, actor, and poet. He is considered to be one of the most influential writers in Western history. Shakespeare’s plays have been performed more times than any other playwright in history. Many theater festivals honor his work. Students study his eloquent poems and scholars reinterpret his millions of words. Despite the importance of his works, much about Shakespeare’s life is still a mystery. He was born into a modest family in Elizabethan England and spent most of his life writing plays. When the theater closed, he began to write nondramatic poetry.

John Donne

The English poet John Donne is considered a divine. Born in 1567, he was related to the More, Rastell, and Heywood families and studied at Cambridge and Oxford. His parents were Roman Catholics, and he went to school at the latter but didn’t complete his studies. He also traveled extensively across Europe, possibly with his uncle Jasper Heywood. Donne is best known for his poems such as The Beloved Servant, which are regarded as his greatest masterpieces.

Thomas Stearns Eliot

As one of the most important writers in the history of American literature, T.S. Eliot produced challenging and uncompromising poetry. His work echoes classical poetry while reflecting the complexities of modern-day life. The Waste Land also addresses questions of identity, hopelessness, and the difficulties of religious conversion. As one of the 10 most famous poets of the 20th century, Eliot has many fans.

Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was a prolific American writer who spent his early years as a magazine editor. He was notorious for his hurtful comments and scathing book reviews, and later went on to write poems, short stories, and non-fiction. He is best known for his poem “The Raven”, which he published in 1845. The poem is regarded as one of the most influential poems in American literature.

Ted Hughes

In 1954, Hughes published his first poem. He used two pseudonyms for early publication and was a rose gardener, zoo attendant, and night watchman before settling in England and working as a schoolteacher for J. Arthur Rank. His original plan was to emigrate to Australia and teach in Spain. But a change of heart prompted him to stay in England and co-found a literary magazine, St Botolph’s Review. Hughes also married his wife, Sylvia Plath, within four months.

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