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These top 10 newspapers around the globe are making waves in an industry which is which is experiencing a dramatic change. Newspaper content has changed from the physical circulation of newspaper to electronic media and some of the most reputable newspapers have changed how they market themselves to their customers due to the change in the newspaper landscape.

News Corporation is the largest newspaper publisher in the world, with revenues of more than USD 9 billion in annual revenue. News Corp assets include The Wall Street Journal, The Sun and The Times, and many other newspapers. This is BizVibe’s list the top newspapers around the world at the time of 2020 and the way they will be changing their strategies in 2020, in light changes in the industry. This article can also be helpful to readers who want to gain insight about the newspaper industry in general including

Global Newspaper Industry Overview

Newspapers are beginning to shift from traditional media to digital newspapers. In the year 2000 The Japanese journal Yomiuri Shimbun was the top newspaper in the world in terms of daily circulation. USA Today was the largest newspaper in the USA. In general, the circulation of newspapers has decreased to its lowest levels in the past 40 years. To counter this decrease on physical sale, most popular newspapers around the globe are shifting to digital media to distribute their content. Trends like that 63 million readers use tablets to access newspapers and other devices continue to influence the way of how people consume content.

Most Popular Newspaper Industry Statistics and Trends

    • There are more than 124 millions U.S. adults, or more than 6 percent are reading newspapers every week.
    • More than 63 million people read the newspaper on their smartphones or tablet.
    • Nine of ten readers (91 percent) say they decide to act after studying or looking through advertisements.
    • Seven out of ten adults and over cite newspapers as their top source for coupons.
    • In 2014 in 2014, there were 1,331 daily newspapers in the United States had 1,331 daily newspaper circulations.
    • 6 million print newspapers are sold around the world every day.

Ten Newspapers that will be the Top 10 around the World in 2020

Top 10 newspaper brands around the world have been ruling the market for a long time and are predicted to keep expanding as the focus shifts to distribution via the internet. These are the most popular name in the world of newspapers. This is BizVibe’s list the top newspapers around the world in 2020 , ranked according to distribution, popularity, circulation online distribution, as well as physical distribution.

1. USA Today

What’s the best newspaper to consume? It’s a subjective issue that’s difficult to answer. In terms of circulation, it is in thousands USA Today is the most popular publication within the USA with over 4,139 average circulation (thousands). USA Today is an internationally distributed American daily mid-market newspaper that is published in more than 37 locations throughout the USA. USA Today is ranked as the top newspaper in circulation in USA with a circulation of 726,906. USA Today also has a digital-only subscriber base of 504,000 with daily reading in the range of 2.6 million. Because of its impressive circulation and its position as one of the most renowned papers, USA Today ranks number 1 on BizVibe’s list the 10 most popular newspapers around the world for 2020.

2. The Guardian

The Guardian ranks number 2 on our list of most influential newspapers around the globe in 2020. The Guardian is a British daily newspaper, which was established around 1821, and is based in London, UK. The Guardian was known as The Machester Guardian at one time. The Guardian currently has average daily readers of around 1.03 million. It also has 126,879 daily newspapers that are circulated.

3. The New York Times

Third 3rd among our top 10 list of top newspapers around the globe the number 3 is The New York Times, an American newspaper based out of New York City with worldwide influence and the number of readers. The New York Times was founded in 1851 , and has been awarded more than 130 Pulitzer Prizes. This makes it among the most famous newspapers around the world. With regards to the circulation of its newspaper, The New York Times is ranked 3 3rd among The USA for daily readership. It is also among of the most well-known daily newspapers around the globe. It has an estimate of 4.3 million monthly readers The New York Times is among the top newspapers in the world by 2020.

4. The Wall Street Journal

The Wal Street Journal ranks 4 4 in this top 10 list of newspapers across all of the globe in. The Wall Street Journal -also known by the name of The Journal in the USA is an American English-language, business-focused daily newspaper with its headquarters on the streets of New York City, with international editions that are also made available with editions in Chinese as well as Japanese. In addition to digital editions, The Wall Street Journal is the most read daily newspaper around the world each day (2,834,000). The Wall Street Journal is one of the top newspapers in world, and the most circulated newspaper within the USAFounded: 1889WSJ Headquarters: New York City, New York, USAThe WSJ Today Daily Circulation is 2,834,000 Animals that Start with R- Listed With Facts

5. The Washington Post

The Washington Post is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and ranks number 5 on this list of most influential newspapers around the globe in 2020. The Washington Post is a significant American daily newspaper based within Washington, D.C. The newspaper was for a long period managed by the Graham family, who later sold it in the year 1877 to Nash Holdings, a holdings company founded in the late 1990s by Jeff Bezos for USD 250 million in cash. The Washington Post has a daily circulation of 356,768 readers for its old-fashioned newspaper and close to one million daily readers on its digital editions.Founded in 1877.The Washington Post Headquarters: Washington, D.C., UThe Washington Post Daily Circulation 356,768.

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